There are many reasons why you need an Enrolled Agent to draw up your tax return in Denver, here are the top four.

  1. An Enrolled Agent must pass a series of three exams to become credentialed before the Internal Revenue Service (
    The enrolled agent exams cover individual (Form 1040) taxes, business taxes, and ethical procedures and standards.
  2. An Enrolled Agent must take continuing professional education classes to maintain the credential.
    Every Enrolled Agent must take a minimum of 72 hours of continuing education (CE) classes every three years to maintain the credential. There is a minimum numbers of hours that must be taken on a yearly basis as well as a requirement to take certain ethics related classes.
  3. The person or company doing your taxes is probably not an Enrolled Agent.
    An Enrolled Agent is trained exclusively in the area of tax return preparation and tax law. A CPA is required to take continuing education classes BUT it does not have to be in the area of taxes. Many CPA’s are financial audit and accounting specialists that DO NOT prepare any tax returns! Financial advisors, attorneys and other tax professionals are not held to the same standard that Enrolled Agents are in regards to knowing and understanding taxes and tax law!
  4. Can your tax preparer/ CPA successfully defend you in a tax audit or collections matter?
    Enrolled Agents are the only people specially allowed unlimited representation rights before the Internal Revenue Service and the state departments of revenue. Other tax professionals can only defend clients whose tax returns they actually prepared. Enrolled Agents can help taxpayers REGARDLESS of who prepared the tax return.

I have worked hard to earn and maintain my status as an Enrolled Agent. Here are five reasons why you should work with me, Joshua Berman.

  1. I am honest and prepare tax returns in an ethical manner.
  2. I provide great client service.
  3. I understand and am up to date on the latest tax law changes.
  4. As an Enrolled Agent the IRS prefers that I represent taxpayers before them on tax related matters.
  5. My fees are fair and transparent.

By simplifying both the numbers and the rules of law, I will explain everything to you in such a clear fashion that your taxes no longer become a “hope for the best” situation and are an understandable process in the growth of your life and your business.

~Joshua Berman 720.336.0950