Numbers have always been the one thing that drove my life forward. I was always attracted to them from a very young age.

When numbers are in line and calculated correctly, your life becomes much simpler because you understand where your business has been and where it is going.

Growing up with my father being a lawyer, I came to understand that there are rules and regulations to our society and that there are also laws and regulations governing numbers and business.

I have passed three important and required tests to become an enrolled agent with the IRS.


As your agent, our mission together is to crack open and understand the correct meaning of your numbers and the law at the same time.

I love to use what I have also learned about customer service to explain to you in plain English what your numbers mean.

Denver Tax Return Service Numbers Joshua Berman

In order to submit your tax returns in a way

that most benefits your business and adheres to the law, we must communicate together in a way we can both understand.

An enrolled agent different than your CPA or your bookkeeper, an enrolled agent like me, is fluent in the law of taxes.

To establish your business’s successful future, we must start by looking into your past and making sure your prior taxes were prepared properly and then look to where your business is now.