I grew up in a family of lawyers.

When I did not do my homework, my dad would take me to his law office to be sure I was working and not watching TV,

What I did not know then is that I was that I was absorbing the law.

I learned that there are rules the need to be followed and that there are repercussions to not following them.

Tax law in Denver Colorado is no exception. It is a set of rules and regulations that must be adhered to or else there are consequences.

Since I love numbers, and I was raised learning law, those two things have come together in my life to create my business.

There are so many codes and regulations in the US Tax Code that it would be practically impossible to memorize or know all of them.

BUT, I love the study and practice of law, so I am always learning and making sure that I am up to date on every new code and regulation.

I am an enrolled agent, meaning that I am licensed by the IRS. That means that the IRS believes that I am qualified to represent taxpayers before the IRS in any tax audit or collections matter.

You may be here because you have been frustrated by letters you have received from the IRS or your Colorado department of revenue that take the expression it’s greek to me to a whole level.

You may also have worked in the past with a CPA that is so difficult to understand you somethings think he or she has some sort of superiority complex.

When my father worked with his law clients, I would listen to him both study complex laws and then explain them in plain English to his clients.

My promise to you and the foundation of my tax practice is client service.
Our first priority is to make sure you what we need to do to help your business grow.