My life has taken me on a winding road through the experience of growing up in a family of lawyers, to taking on jobs that required me to learn great customer service.

Have you been frustrated by your CPA or tax accountant because you almost feel like the relationship is a blind trust?

Have you been simply handing over your hard earned cash and book-keeping records to someone that you just simply HOPE has your best interests at heart?

When you try to communicate with your current tax representative is it like talking to Golem?


Do you hope that the great Wizard will answer your wishes but are then disappointed when they don’t, since they are just a person behind a curtain?

Although the tax laws regulations and codes are very complex and it continues to be my challenge to understand and know them, they all can be explained in plain english.

By simplifying both the numbers and the rules of law, I will explain everything to you in such a clear fashion that your taxes no longer become a “hope for the best” situation and are an understandable process in the growth of your life and your business.

~Joshua Berman 720.336.0950