I am Joshua Berman, your Denver Tax Return Service.

I pride myself in being an enrolled agent of the IRS and bringing honest client services to all of my business and personal clients.

I hope you will become one of them.


The Numbers

Numbers have always been the one thing that drove my life forward. I was always attracted to them from a very young age.
When numbers are in line and calculated correctly, your life becomes much simpler because you understand where your business has been and where it is going.

The Law

I grew up in a family of lawyers.
When I did not do my homework, my dad would take me to his law office to be sure I was working and not watching TV,
What I did not know then is that I was absorbing the law.

Client Service

My life has taken me on a winding road through the experience of growing up within a family of lawyers to taking on jobs that required me to learn great customer service.
Have you been frustrated by your CPA or tax accountant because you almost feel like the relationship is a blind trust?

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